Leabeth's Kitchen Logo ColorHow did Hope Church partner with Leabeth’s Kitchen?
Leabeth’s Kitchen was seeking a licensed kitchen to prepare food in and reached out to Hope Church. It turns out that Hope Church needed Leabeth’s Kitchen too. In return for Leabeth’s Kitchen using the kitchen space at Hope Church, Leabeth makes Pastor Stephanie meals for her Path groups. This has been a blessing for both Leabeth and Pastor Stephanie. They truly needed each other and didn’t even know it.

What is Leabeth’s Kitchen?
Leabeth’s Kitchen is a catering company that specializes in fresh, seasonal, gourmet food and a level of service that is sophisticated and detail oriented. Leabeth’s Kitchen provides fresh-baked breakfast treats, a variety of taste bud pleasing lunch options, as well as elegant hors d’oeuvres.

We love the buzz that comes from serving friends and coworkers delicious and beautiful food. Taking care to have fresh, seasonal ingredients, and presenting them in an innovative way is what we do. We plan to cater corporate meetings, community events, private parties, and social events. Any event, no matter how small, we are here to help with not only the food but the planning component as well.

If you are interested in using Leabeth’s Kitchen to cater your next event, please visit our website, LeabethsKitchen.com or call 720-722-0332.
“I have been learning about food, and cooking my whole life. I am beyond excited to share my passion with the community around me.” Leabeth Pohl, Chef & Owner