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What is Building Beyond the Building?

This is the theme of our three-year plan of special giving that will enable us to retire all mortgage debt.

Our theme, Building Beyond the Building, reminds us that a building is just one means to live out our mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Our building needs to be functional and welcoming in order to be a place from which people are sent out to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world.

A successful campaign will allow us to:

  • Retire mortgage debt
  • Secure a realistic reserve fund
  • Support new ministries that deepen spiritual connections within our community and beyond

What is the financial goal?

The three-year financial goal is $633,000, which includes $473,000 of our mortgage base and $160,000 on our second mortgage. Elimination of all our debt can be accomplished if everyone would commit one-third of their annual pledge to this campaign to each of the next three years. For example, if you pledge $1,200 annually to the church, you would commit $400 each year to the Building Beyond Our Building for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

How did we decide to launch Building Beyond the Buildingto pay off all mortgage debt?

Shortly after taking out the $160,000 extension of our mortgage in 2013, a group of church leaders, under the guidance of member Bob Hartley, began considering our options. We had committed to the United Methodist Development Fund that within three years of taking out the second mortgage we would produce a campaign intended to pay off the loan. As we considered all of the possibilities, we found interest and support for paying off the loan and our entire mortgage debt.

The Building Beyond the Building Leadership Team interviewed about 50 other leaders and dedicated members for their input and concluded that we should aim to retire all mortgage debt. Being debt-free would allow us to re-build our reserve fund and be more financially secure.

Who will guide the implementation of our plan for work on our facility?

Our Trustees will oversee the purchase and installation of equipment included in the $160,000 mortgage. In the United Methodist Church, Trustees have oversight of all real property and equipment owned by the local church.

What repairs, replacements and improvements have been funded from the $160,000 extension of our mortgage or will be in the next six months?

1. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
2. New carpeting downstairs
3. Sanctuary lighting upgrades
4. Updated televisions with DVD players in our classrooms and meeting rooms
5. New outdoor church signage
6. Video equipment and sanctuary projection
7. Digital signage by the entrance

What is the reserve fund and who will make decisions about how to re-build it?

Due to financial challenges over the last 7 years, our reserve fund was reduced to an unsatisfactory level to help cover basic every day ministry expenses.

The Administrative Council, upon the recommendation of the Finance Team, will decide how much to set aside for this fund when it approves the annual budget. We are committed to restoring our reserve fund so that we put ourselves in a better position to take care of our capital needs when they arise in the future.

How will other funds saved from not paying a mortgage be spent?

In interviews conducted by the Beyond the Building Leadership Team, members expressed a wide range of interests for expanded ministries that allow us to live into the mission of Hope. In each budget year we will explore all of the ministry possibilities and resource the ministries that are aligned with our mission and vision, which will be re-imagined in a church-wide process in 2015.

Is my commitment to Building Beyond the Building in addition to my annual pledge?

Yes. Your annual giving helps pay for pastors and staff salaries and benefits, routine building upkeep and maintenance, and the program ministries that are provided through our church. Your commitment to Building Beyond the Building will be used only for retiring our mortgage debt. We are asking for a three-year commitment, meaning you would be contributing weekly, monthly or annually for the next three years, beginning in March. If your financial situation changes, you always can change your commitment by contacting our Treasurer, Matt McGarrity.

How do I make my commitment?

We ask that you make your commitment by February 12. You can place your card in the offering plate, mail it in, or sign up online by clicking the links at the top or bottom of this page. We will be celebrating the end of the formal campaign and announcing the total amount of the commitments on Miracle Sunday, February 15. You also can bring your commitment card with you that Sunday. To reach our goal of being debt-free, we will need gifts of all sizes. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to play a role in ensuring that the ministries of our church will thrive for years to come. If you would like to speak with a member of the Beyond the Building Leadership Team for more information or help in signing up, please contact Chairman Bob Hartley, 303-828-6933, or any other member of the Team.

In addition to my pledge, what else can I do to ensure the success of our campaign?

Pray for the ministry of the church. Pray for God’s direction for your life as you seek God’s will for your participation in giving to this campaign. Have an attitude of joy and gratefulness for the opportunities that God has given us to minister to our community.

Building Beyond the Building Leadership Team

Bob Hartley – Chairman, Pastor Don Bird,

Patty Burnett, Herb Casner,

Frank Garred, Jim Hankins,

Clyde Oakley, Heidi Westbrook,

& Chris Wiant